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Sharpei Cross

DOB1st Jan 2024

🐕 Estimated Adult Size: Medium

♀️ Gender: Female

🐾 Dogs: Friendly

🐱 Cats: Not Tested but may adapt

👶 Kids: Primary school age or if puppy savvy

⚡ Energy Level: Moderate, still a puppy and learning

A Bit About Me

Wiggles is a sweet and loving girl Sharpei Cross puppy, who has a face that will melt your. At just 6 months old, she’s a blank canvas, ready to learn and grow with her forever family while showering you with love.


Wiggles is very affectionate and has a soft coat that feels like velvet. She’s a very playful and happy girl who bounces over excitedly to greet everyone who comes to see her. She just can’t wait to introduce herself and soak up all the attention. Her friendly nature makes her a great companion for other dogs, and with proper introductions, she could adapt well to a variety of environments.


Wiggles has been introduced to walking on a lead and is doing great with it. She’s also picking up other commands quickly!


Wiggles is just a puppy, and families looking to adopt should consider the nature of having a puppy with younger kids. She's wonderful with people of all ages, but her bouncy enthusiasm might be better suited for homes with older kids who can keep up with her playful antics without getting accidentally toppled over.

Get in Touch!

Contact the Adoption Team on 0497 292 318 or send a message to coordinate a meet and greet!

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