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Cattle Dog Cross

DOB: 30h April 2023

♂️ Gender: Male

🐾 Dogs: Friendly

🐱 Cats: Unsuitable

👶 Kids: Not Tested

⚡ Energy Level: Moderate - High

A Bit About Me

Soldier is an energetic and intelligent young dog who's eager to learn and please. With his friendly nature, he gets along well with other dogs, making him a great addition to a multi-dog household.


Though Soldier hasn't been tested with cats or kids, his adaptable nature suggests he could do well with proper introductions and training. This lovely dog is quick to pick up new skills and is easy to walk, although he can get easily distracted. To keep Soldier happy and healthy, he'll need plenty of mental and physical stimulation.


With consistent training and a bit of patience, Soldier is sure to become a loyal and well-behaved companion. If you're ready to provide the love and guidance Soldier needs, he's ready to fill your life with joy and adventure. 🐾❤️

Get in Touch!

Contact the Adoption Team on 0497 292 318 or send a message to coordinate a meet and greet!

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