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Labrador Cross

DOB16th June 2023

♀️ Gender: Female

🐾 Dogs: Friendly

🐾 Dogs: Friendly

🐱 Cats: Not Tested

👶 Kids: Not Tested

⚡ Energy Level: Moderate - High

A Bit About Me

Roxy is a happy and social Labrador Cross with an abundance of energy and love to share.


At just 12 months old, she's still a playful pup who enjoys the company of other dogs. While she hasn't been tested with cats or kids, her friendly nature suggests she could adapt well with proper introductions.


Roxy is an active girl who needs plenty of space to run and play. A large yard with high fences is essential, as she can jump quite high. Regular exercise and stimulation are key to keeping her happy and healthy.

Though Roxy is still learning, she's eager to please and will benefit from consistent training and patience, especially when it comes to walking on the lead.

With the right guidance, Roxy is sure to become a loyal and well-behaved companion.


If you're ready to welcome this joyful bundle of energy into your home, contact our adoption team to meet Roxy and see if she's the perfect fit for your family! 🐾❤️

Get in Touch!

Contact the Adoption Team on 0497 292 318 or send a message to coordinate a meet and greet!

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