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Staffy Cross

DOB26th Oct 2023

🐕 Estimated Adult Size: Medium

♀️ Gender: Male

🐾 Dogs: Friendly

🐱 Cats: Not Tested / Young enough to learn

👶 Kids: 8+ preferred / puppy savvy

⚡ Energy Level: Moderate, still a puppy and learning

A Bit About Me

Introducing Charlie, our lovable tan Staffy Cross with a heart as big as his smile! At just 7 months old, Charlie has already shown remarkable resilience and sweetness despite a bit of a rough start in life.

Though somewhat timid, Charlie is incredibly affectionate and great with kids.

He’s learning to mind his manners, especially when it comes to jumping, thanks to his diligent foster family.

His tail wags so hard when he sees his foster sister that you’d think it might fall off!

Charlie is still a bit fearful of men, but his foster dad is taking it slow, working on gaining his trust and showing him that people can be kind.

This pup is also learning the ropes of leash walking and overcoming his initial fear by pretending to be a big scary boy. With each passing day, he’s improving and eager to please his foster mum.

Charlie loves playing fetch and is working on playing gently with other dogs, as he can get a bit too excited. His progress is heartwarming, and he’s ready to continue his journey of becoming the perfect companion.

Get in Touch!

Contact the Adoption Team on 0497 292 318 or send a message to coordinate a meet and greet!

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